Lead mining


Here is a superb learning program about lead-mining in the dale, produced and made available by Carol Haynes with the Dales Countryside Museum with permission to share for  educational purposes only    http://www.lairdswood.com/ydnp/Lead_Mining_Pages.pdf

Additional detailed information is given in J L Barker “Memoirs” based largely on analysis of the 1851 census http://www.nmrs.org.uk/publications/pdf/M72/M72-89-97-lead.pdf

Martin Roe’s website includes a map of the Swaledale workings with photographs offering a “virtual tour”, as well as much other detail from other lead mining areas in the Yorkshire Dales http://www.martinroe.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/sarc.htm

A more academic paper including detail about ownership, costs and income as well as detail about lead extraction processes is provided in this bulletin from the Peak District Mines Historical Society from 1991 http://www.pdmhs.com/PDFs/ScannedBulletinArticles/Bulletin%2011-4%20-%20The%20AD%20Lead%20Mines%20in%20Swaledale,%20Yorkshire.pdf